Powering your Adventure with NOCQUA

Powering your Adventure with NOCQUA

Powering your adventures is probably the number one thing to consider in the outdoors. Paddle sports and kayak fishing is not immune. With the ability to run fish/ depth finders, lighting, to powering camera equipment, having the right power source can make or break your day on the water.

Whether you’re on a kayak or a SUP (Stand up Paddle board) your platform will have a maximum weight capacity. That capacity includes you, and your gear/ equipment. Adding electronics such as lighting or a depth finder to your fishing platform will require some type of battery. The market is filled with a multitude of power solutions and thanks to the advancement of technology, batteries have gotten smaller and lighter!

While there is a plethora of lithium batteries on the market, there is one that stands out above the rest. The NOCQUA pro power kit! This kit is offered in 2 capacities currently. A 10Ah and a 4.4Ah. Both battery packs while extremely small, about the size of a grapefruit (Weight 1lbs, Dimensions 3x3x3 in) pack a serious punch in the power department!

These batteries offer watertight connections and are small enough to tuck into even the smallest compartments of your watercraft. This provides a clean and out of the way installation which is important when you have limited space. They have the juice that you can count on for hours of continuous power when you need it most.

In a time where the cost of production, and the lack of materials, have caused others in the lithium battery marketplace to shutter. NOCQUA has managed to maintain superior quality and keep their retail cost at a very affordable rate compared to its competitors. All in all this along with its compact size and weight make it the perfect outdoor companion for all your on or off the water power needs!

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