How Much Is This Really?
As part of the Shirt of the Month (SOTM) subscription service, an automatic charge of $28,  plus a small shipping a handling fee & applicable taxes, will cover your new shirt each month. Tax is based off of zip code location. 
When will I get charged each month?
Net 30 days from initial sign up every month you'll be charged for the newest shirt and then it'll be shipped to you - it's that easy! Stay tuned in, the shirt design changes each month, and once the design is gone it does not come back!
Can I Cancel Anytime?
If you are no longer happy with the subscription, we ask that all cancellations take place before renewal the following month that you wish to cancel. If you do cancel and then decide you want to sign up again, we will welcome you back  with open arms and a new shirt.
When Do I Receive My Shirts?
All shirts ship 3-7 business days (but up to 10) after purchase.
Can I Exchange/Edit/Return my Shirt of the Month?
Since these are exclusive shirts, we can not edit the order after it has been processed. We also can not accept returns or exchanges. 
What Are The Shirts Made Out Of?
Our wonderfully comfy shirts are usually made out of 100% cotton. 
What Size Should I Get?
Most of our customers recommend going a size up, especially if you do not hang dry your tees. 
What If It Doesn’t Fit?

If you're have a sizing issue, we will be happy to update your size for future shipments, we ask it takes place before the 3rd of the month that you wish to update sizes. We do not accept exchanges or returns on these shirts since they are one-time member-only products, but we will gladly update your size for next month!

*Youth sizes and size 5XL-6XL could vary in color slightly. 

What if I moved and need to change my address?
We can gladly update your address for you! Just sent us the first and last name on the account, the email associated with the account, and the updated address you would like to use. We do ask that your request be done prior to the renewal the following month,
Why Isn't My Promo Code Working?
Since the Shirt of the Month is a subscription, and already such a great price, we do not allow promo codes with this product. If you are purchasing multiple items, we suggest to make a separate order for your Shirt of the Month  subscription for your promo code to work on the other items. 
Should I Purchase Shirt Of The Month?
Well of course! Who wouldn't want exclusive, member only TBFD Gang T-shirts sent straight to your address every month? Don't forget to upload pictures with your new gear and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc! 

Feel free to contact for any Shirt of the Month questions, concerns, or updates. 
Please mind that any changes or updates that need to be made should be requested prior to the renewal the following month to guarantee those changes to be in affect for that month.