My name is Brandon Mayes AKA That Bass Fishing Dude! I’ve grown up fishing central Texas my entire early life. I served 10 years in the Army and was medically discharged in 2013 due to injuries I sustained in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over the years since leaving the military I took a huge liking to Bass fishing. I’ve enjoyed the aspect of learning the most I can about chasing this extremely fun species and have built out quite the bucket list of others to chase over the next season. I started branding and marketing myself on social media in September of 2018, creating my handle @ThatBassFishingDude on Instagram and YouTube. Since then I’ve managed to amass quite the social media following and grow an extremely reputable brand that has allowed me to partner with the best brands in the industry.

I got into kayak fishing roughly 2 years ago. It has been an incredible experience for me. Being 7ft tall its probably unusual to see a guy with my stature in a kayak but let me tell you its insanely fun. Growing up bank fishing I always found myself missing out on the best spots and areas to find the good fish. I tried a
cheap kayak that belonged to my wife and that almost ended my kayaking journey before it started (I sunk it) LOL. But nonetheless I did some research and stayed the course to find the right platform for me. Its been a crazy adventure ever since.

Fishing in general has always been a big part of my life growing up fishing with my mom and my aunt. As I got older the want to learn more is what pushed me to wanting to chase bass. Bass fishing is a true skill that I think most overlook as these fish are incredibly smart. Knowing how to target and catch them can
literally set you up to catch anything in the world! It was my gateway fish LOL.

My fishing style is all over the place. I’m a conventional guy but man do I love throwing big swimbaits. There’s something about hucking a massive 6-10oz bait 60 yards and feeling the bite of a whale crush it! It really gets the blood pumping. I’m also getting into fly fishing. I’m hoping to land my first (anything) on
the fly this year.

While I’ve been more on the adventure seeking side, I do enjoy partaking in a bit of the competitive side of fishing! No plans to go crazy and become a full-on tourney guy but its just another chapter in this incomplete journey I love to capture!