Why you should start ultralight fishing

Ultralight fishing has started to become a popular niche in fishing. It used to be that people were only interested in catching big bags of bass and holding up fat pre-spawn bass. Don’t get me wrong, there are still people who are interested in that, including myself. But there is a growing number of anglers that are finding their space to play in the ultralight fishing world. 

What is ultralight fishing?

Ultralight fishing refers to the weight of your tackle and gear and not any specific species of fish. Normally when you are ultralight fishing you are using super light line and lures. Anywhere between 1 lb. - 6 lb. test for line and lures ranging from 1/64 oz. and lighter. You’re also fishing with an ultralight rod and reel that is capable of throwing thin diameter line and extremely light lures. 

Why should I start ultralight fishing?

Now I know that power bass anglers are looking at the weight of that line and the weight of those lures and already turning their heads away, but if you will give me a chance I will explain to you why you should have at least one ultralight rod on you with some ultralight lures. 

You’re limited on time

Time is a huge factor on someone’s ability to catch fish. If you’re going out on a boat or a kayak you usually have enough time to break down a good amount of water. If you’re limited to an hour on the water, this is where the ultralight shines. 

I normally only get an hour during the week to fish and then once a month get a solid 3 hour send. No one likes getting skunked and the ultralight has saved me from the stink more than once. Because the lures are so light they are more likely to get a bite. Now that bite might be from a Bluegill or a small dinky Bass, but on ultralight tackle it makes even the smallest fish feel like a monster. 

You’re exploring a new area 

Another reason you might want to consider carrying an ultralight with you is when you go explore a new area you’ve never been to. Everyone has their confidence lures, but when you aren’t even sure if there are fish in the pond or lake you are seeing for the first time. You are going to get an answer. Same as before, the size of the line and lure make it almost irresistible to most fish. 

I spent the past year exploring my new local lakes and ponds and found success by just carrying the ultralight around. Once I found the fish, I went back with some heavier tackle.

You want to see the variety of species

You can catch different species with traditional bass lures, but if you really want to see the different varieties of fish in your local waters, an ultralight is the most effective way to do that short of using a cast net. 

Perch, Bluegill, Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Trout, salt water fish. They all love to hit ultralight lures and no matter the size of the fish you are going to enjoy bringing that donkey in.

So far my species list on ultralight consists of Bluegill and other varieties of panfish, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Catfish, and Creek Chubs.

You are struggling to catch fish

We have all had those hard days where you’ve thrown every lure on the tackle box and are considering selling your entire garage full of gear to your neighbor and quit fishing for good. No? That’s just me? Well, that’s embarrassing. 

Well if that is you, the ultralight will save you on those hard days. You are sizing way down and giving fish an easy target. A small bait that is either a minnow or bug profile that sinks slowly is irresistible when you put it in front of a fish. Now you might not win a tournament with just an ultralight rod and some ultralight lures, but you will definitely find fish. 

You just want to bend the rod and feel the pull of that line

This one is probably the main reason why you should start ultralight fishing. You ultimately want to catch fish and it doesn’t matter the size or the species. You love fishing and any chance you feel a tug on your line your adrenaline spikes and you feel a rush. Now just because it’s ultralight fishing, doesn’t mean you won't catch big fish, because you can and you most likely will. But if you’re just in it to enjoy God’s creation and catch some fish, you should have an ultralight rod in your arsenal. 

Why I started ultralight fishing

Those are the reasons I started ultralight fishing. I stumbled into the world of ultralight fishing and now more times than not it is all I’m doing. Whether it’s because I’m limited on time or because I just want to catch any fish I am out there swinging my ultralight rod.

If I’ve convinced you, you are probably going to start looking into how to start ultralight fishing. Well I’ve created a nice guide on everything you will need to go on your first ultralight fishing trip. From rod, reel, line, lures, and accessories I got you covered and you can see the entire list of gear by reading my guide to ultralight fishing.


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